For mathematical conversations / questions, contact me by email paramjit.singh@hu-berlin.de. I might be late, but I do try to reply promptly. Feel free to send me a reminder in case I don’t respond (I also try to triage my email on weekends, so wait for at least a few days). For personal communication, I prefer Signal to any other social media / messaging service. That however, presupposes for now that you have my personal phone number.

I’m @busywhistling most places online. This is because, as you might have guessed, I whistle quite a bit in my (spare) time and enjoy doing so.

Tip on online security. Use strong random and different passphrases for different websites/services you use (this is a good resource) and store them in a password manager (Bitwarden is a good choice).

Site design

The design of this website was adapted from websites of Anders Norén, Jason Blevins, Steve Losh and the design principles of Edward Tufte.